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I need to delete Daz Studio completely from my system...i have tried uninstalling it with the uninstaller...but this does not completely delete Daz Studio.

I need a complete uninstall!...

In the past i used to re install windows...and in that way automatically Daz would have completely been gone.

But i do not want to re install my whole windows just so that Daz can be completely deleted!...

There must be another way!...

Any help is appreciated.



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    edited December 1969 and added to that go to User/user name/App Data/rRoaming (need to unhide hidden folders first) and delete any folders left after Uninstalling and then get yourself a copy of ccleaner and run it to remove any trace from the registry. Or if you feel comfortable do it manually as the link above suggested.

    That seemed to work for me and I hate computers. :)

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