Trying To Find Uzilite's Additional Files That You Could Download

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On some of the old forum post some additional free files that for some products Uzilite made could be download from Uzilitite's site were mentioned. The site isn't active and I have been unable to find them. Some poses for the The New Adventure and an additional file for Complicated Eve are what I'm aware of that could have been downloaded.

The additional Complicated Eve file I did manage to find was

Renderosity has some free stuff that Uzilite made, but not those 2 items.

Does anyone know if any place to download the free items was on Uzilite's site? I've had no luck in finding them any place online.that has them.



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,623
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    The items almost certainly don't allow redistribution, so you'd need to ask Uzilite to make the files available again.

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    The only additional download I know of for New Adventure is this:; it's a free conforming suit for V4, with some updated textures for The New Adventure Continues.

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    Does anyone know if he's selling new products on another site or what became of him? I really liked his work (He has a great eye) and still regularly use his products.

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    Can you tell us where to find the nipple off file for Complicated Eve?

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    Uzilite still sells here (last Product: and on Renderosity afaik, maybe somewhere else too. They do reply to sitemails on ReRo, that much I can assure you of... becaus I did get an answer to my question :)

    It is in the morphs if I remember that correctly... I always turned that off, so... I think you don't need a seperate file for that. but I can look if I'm right as soon as my render is finished. might take a while so... maybe you're faster ^^

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    I dl'd the expansion pack, and don't see it there, or in the base morphs. If you find it, let me know.

    EDIT: Just found it in the expansion. Thanks!

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