How to install Bryce 7 ????

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Please, I need help, I downloaded the Bryce 7, do the installation but when I run the program the error!
My Windows XP SP3 ....
Always asks to install again saying it was misconfigured .... already installed and uninstalled 3 times!!

Would someone make a tutorial telling where the installation begins, they are 3 files ... I do not know which installs first.

I appreciate the help.


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    THe Main bryce .exe gets installed first, then the content after, THere is another thread on this subject here, from this post onwards.

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    thank you very much !!!

    1) I install Bryce_7.1.0.109_Win32.exe,

    2) BryceContent_7.0.0.21_Win.exe (~ 600MB)

    3) BryceProContent_7.0.0.19_Win.exe, in another folder

    I'll try !!!!

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