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Genesis Figures

simonbaushsimonbaush Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

Hi all,

I was wondering why are there so few figures compatible with Genesis? Searching from the Daz shop, I could only find a handful of female contemporary figures or models. Is there a lack of interest for Gen/V5/M5 so far? I would expect more content a year after the release of these new generation figures. Any help?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,603
    edited December 1969

    What do you mean? Clothing? Characters?

  • simonbaushsimonbaush Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Sorry, I'm refering to characters and morphs. Tori for V5 for example.

  • edited December 1969

    there's a few freebies at ShareCG like this one .....

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,048
    edited December 1969

    this is my opinion.

    the lack of character morph, clothing ,(texture) hair , items, tools, texture for genesis. everything.
    this is my biggest complain about daz.

    it seems natural feeling for me.

    there is obviously luck of products for genesis, V5 ,M5 and daz studio 4 new technolozy .

    it is funny because many user , or daz men (of forum, moderator, administrator too) , can not notice about it
    they can not understand feeling "lack of items for genesis and daz studio4".

    because they have bought or get so many many items for V4 M4 and daz studio3, poser, already.

    so they feel happy , they thank daz! about " generationX or transfer utiltiy", "auto fit" or V4 M4 texture can be used in genesis,too.
    many items can be used in poser too!!! and they ask when geensis get compatibiltiy in poser?

    I think it is naturall thing. I never say DAZ should stop to make items for V4, M4, or poser.

    but many new user usually serch items for genesis and ds4 not poser, not for v4 m4,
    manual tutorial, documentation, too

    and they think how to learn and pull out the power of new figure and daz studio 4 tools.

    we do not hope reuse V4, or M4 item by some trick, some tool.we do not hope to get ds3 plug-in any more.
    we do not hope to watch old tutorilal for daz 3 and check the difference of daz 4,

    we hope get items which is planed and desigend for genesis and daz studio4 without problems,
    and want to choose items from many new products , new plugins and tools for them.

    we hope more organized official manual how to use the many tools of daz studio4 pro.

    Iplease stop to reply "You can reuse item by.. "

    because, we do not have the item, and we use them only for genesis with daz studio4.
    why we should buy iterm for old figure, now? we have no plan to use them for V4, M4. with daz studio4.

    please stop to say
    "there is so many good tutorial, about daz studio, it is something had changed, but you may understand,"

    If Daz can not follow well about "new genesis and ds4 user" feeling, genesis has no future..

    "DAZ STUDIO 4 PRO " is easy exciting tool, but DAZ can not tell that well.
    DAZ can not make good tutorial, good manual yet.
    GENESIS is powerful unique figure. but DAZ can not pull out the power. because
    there is not many items for genesis.

    DAZ can only CM, special sales ,all years. (it means "the real price" of items)

  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,248
    edited July 2012

    Part of the problem may the be search. It may not be finding everything that exists. For example, the "Genesis Shapes" category is pretty useless (missing a lot, and includes things that aren't actually Genesis-compatible).
    Try this: That's 25 female characters for Genesis, but there are others not included in that search. Many others, I think.

    Edit: like Tamesis, Chablis, Gabi, Princess, Abby, Anya, Eri, Muirienne, Abigail, Princess Ali, Riley, Dawn, Pippa, Anwyn, Renee, Isleen, Enticing Ladies, Mindy, Sosie...and I'm probably still missing a bunch...

    Search for any of these (try Google "DAZ Tamesis" for example, if the store search isn't working), or use this link to wade through everything in the store: (sort by release date, and work your way backwards, if you're most interested in Genesis content).

    Post edited by Scott Livingston on
  • edited December 1969

    You can always make your own as well .... I posted These Vids a while back. Since then I also found out you can re-UV map Genesis. Take the Mesh Resolution to 0 in the Parameters tab and export a stock Genesis. Then UV-map in your favorite application and import back in. I did an easy one just putting the V4 mapping to a single texture, now I can paint my model in Sculptris. I'm Stuck at 2048 texture, but it's enough. And there's ton's of stuff both for sale and freebies at And since Genesis will use V4 mats, and I believe you can transfer morphs as well, there's all of that to try, and you can fit almost any clothing to Genesis one way or another. If anything, Daz may have screwed up making Genesis too versatile.

  • DWGDWG Posts: 768
    edited December 1969

    Hi all,

    I was wondering why are there so few figures compatible with Genesis? Searching from the Daz shop, I could only find a handful of female contemporary figures or models. Is there a lack of interest for Gen/V5/M5 so far? I would expect more content a year after the release of these new generation figures. Any help?

    Few? returns 115 Genesis compatible items in the people category, of which better than half add new contemporary characters.

    I don't know how many are out there at other sites like Rendo and RDNA, but there's over 20 in Rendo's Prime alone.

    I think that's a pretty respectable total, particularly when some PAs haven't switched to Genesis and all the ones who did had to get used to new technology. And even for the ones still pumping out Gen 4 figures, it takes about two minutes to import them to Genesis using GenX. With GenX, every Gen 4 figure is completely compatible with Genesis and all of the character morphs for the Gen 3 adult figures are equally compatible. I suspect some PAs are relying on the availability of GenX to maximise their sales across both the Poser and Studio communities by sticking to Gen 4, which can be used natively in both programmes and converted to Genesis in Studio.

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