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How co I install DAZ Studio content in to Poser 9?
Posted: 23 July 2012 03:21 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Greetings, Poser/DAZers.

I feel like a total clod about this.  I’ve been trying to accomplish this objective since March of this year.  And I just can’t pull it off.  I bought a new HP dv7 notebook computer, and I tried to use Poser 7 on it, but since the computer has Win7 on it, Poser 7 will not run on the system.  When I learned that Poser 9 was on sale, I quickly bought PDQ!  Now I have a version of Poser that is compatible with the Win7 in my computer,  but I’ve encountered a brand new obstacle;  I have a lot of DAZ content that I want to use in Poser 9, and I don’t have the first idea of JUST HOW TO INSTALL ANY OF IT.

When I get to the ‘Target Application’ window, I select Poser (all files), and click ‘Next’.  I’m the asked to choose an ‘Installation Location’/Path, I just get right to it.  I wind up looking at a little window labeled:  ‘Dependency Error’. Explaining the following:

        “The required file has NOT been found.  Installation of ” subject file” will now quit. Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for help.

It seems that Poser 9 has made major changes that I was not prepared for.  Just how do I install all of my DAZ studio content into Poser 9, not to mention DAZ Studio 4?

Thanks in advance for listening/reading.

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Choose DAZ Studio as the target application, the installers want to go to the folder with the Poser application in it and under Windows 7 that’s a very bad idea (and not needed in more recent versions of Poser). Unless you want to split your content up install to the folder you selected as your Poser content library - something like \Smith Micro\Poser 9 Content in your Documents folder, I think, but essentially you want the folder that holds the “Runtime” folder.

Of course the dependency may be something else - some products are upgrades or add-ons to other things and need t be installed after the product they add-on to or upgrade.


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you can also create a file with a runtime and a fake poser operating file

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WindDream - 01 August 2012 05:50 AM

Not sure if you figured it out yet but also if you had any loaders that were specifically daz you should probably reset them and then download the poser/pc version of them.

That’s not really a clear division and risks confusing Mac users, what we have are installers divided by PC and Mac, and within those two categories installers applicable to both studio and poser, and a few to studio alone.

For instance this week’s freebie has the installer “Summertime Grill - 14716_SummerGrill_1.0_dpc.exe - PC”

DPC isn’t ‘poser/PC’, its ‘DAZ Poser Content’ and can be either Poser files alone or a mix.

You also get installers that are DS, those are Studio alone, for instance last week’s freebie had a Studio metadata installer:
Real Tanks & Containers - 14581_RealTanksContainers_1.0_dpc.exe - pc
Real Tanks & Containers - 14581_RealTanksContainersMetaData_1.0_ds.exe - pc

You could decide to ignore them, but I personally would advocate downloading and installing them against the day you decide to give Studio or Carrara a try, or Poser adds a handler for them, or whatever. Quicker to do that now than have to work through anything up to several thousand items later, resetting and redownloading them.

And increasingly you’re just going to be seeing a single zip common to both Mac and PC and both Poser and Studio.

Target application—Daz Studio (this is crucial)

It isn’t, certainly not with recent installers (with the dark blue screen on their icon) and DAZ have been clear in the past that exactly the same files are installed whether you select Poser or Studio in an installer that offers that choice (for example the previous generation bitrock installers with the light blue screen on their icon). For instance I’m just installing the Ballerina Construction Kit (which has a recent DPC installer, a Genesis specific .trx and a metadata installer) into my runtime structure, which is under my old Poser 7 folder.

Double click the DPC Installer,
Click Next
Accept the License Agreement
Click ‘Customize Installation’
Click ‘Specify an Installation Path’
It comes up with my Studio content directory as the default, which happens to be in the same directory as my runtime. I’ll go with that for the meantime.
Click next.
Unclick all 3 options
Click next
Click next
click finish

When the installer has finished the poser files are in content/runtime. You can declare this to Poser as an additional runtime, drag and drop it to your existing runtime, or even declare it to poser as your primary runtime and do all Poser installs from whatever source into it.

If I install an older Bitrock installer, or an installer from either of the two installer generations that preceded Bitrock, I can select target application as ‘Poser (All Files)’, tell it to install into any directory I want, and it will quite happily go off and do that, even if there is no existing Poser structure there.

You may also elect the traditional program files route

Content shouldn’t be placed in program files, Windows is getting increasingly picky about this.

if you can’t see it then all you have to do is add the path to your runtime it to the library.

If it hasn’t gone where you expected, better to drag and drop it to an existing runtime.

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