Missing step with clothes. Please help

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Hi All.
I have loaded Michael 4 into Carrara 8.5x and would like to put conformable clothes on him.
I am wanting it to be a biblical character and so I have purchased a dynamic robe...
What are the specific steps for making this "prop" conform to and pose with Michael?
I know how to do it in Poser, but I think I am missing something in Carrara.

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    HI Realtime :)

    Any "Dynamic" item is usually a dynamic / simulated cloth. and as such, they'll only work if the program has a physics Dynamic Clothing simulation feature, such as Poser's Cloth room, or the dynamic clothing plugin for Daz Studio.

    You would need to Simulate the dynamic cloth there,. then transfer the results to Carrara, to render it.

    There's a python script for Poser (Dyn2Morph) which will convert the Dynamic cloth simulation data into a set of Morphs which all export out, and that can be used in Carrara, although, at that point, the dynamic clothing is no longer dynamic,.. it;s an object with a set of animated morphs, so no further cloth simulation can be done on that item within carrara.

    As far as I know,. there are still some issues with transferring dynamic cloth simulations from DS to Carrara.
    but those are being worked on as part of the beta development for C8.5

    Hope it helps

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    you can line the object up to fit the figure in a t-pose then select it, hold shift and select the figure's hip and go up to the animation tab and choose attach skeleton.
    then the figures bones will move the vertices like conforming clothes.
    it may need weightpainting.

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    an example using prop hair http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mpWQwSxH_M
    same principle

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    Which robe did you get? Is it made for poser or ds?

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