Ground Plane Help?

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I've created this Thor model and wanted to add a nice ground texture. I can change the color of the plane I created but when I add an image to the diffuse color which is set to white and I go to render it comes out black?

Attached is an image of my problem.

Can someone guide me how to get the image of the plane to show up in my render? I increased the ambient and made the ambient white cause I initially thought that was the issue. But it still renders the plane black.

Thank you

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    As it happens, I wrote a little how-to to do this a while back.

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    Are you using the default lights? They will not adequately light up surfaces such as the floor that are at a sharp angle to the camera. (If this is the issue, if you rotate the camera to look more straight down at the floor, you'll see it better.) I'd suggest never trying to use just the default lighting.

    Instead, try adding EuberEnvironment2 (we can step you through the basics if you choose this option) for general ambient lighting, plus lights for whatever light source(s) would actually be there in your scene (the sun, lightbulbs, etc). Or another lighting option; DAZ Dimension Lights exist, some venders have light setups, many products ship with lights although I haven't fully explored those sets yet, etc.

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    I am going to attempt Simon's method first and will return if I continue to have issues. Thanks guys

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