Reskinning a exported daz 3d character

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So I wanted to export the character and morphs out of daz into 3ds max, then skin a extra piece of clothing to the rig.
Will this work, will it mess up the morphs?


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    Texture settings are completely separate from figure morph settings — whatever you do with one can never have any effect on the other — so it doesn't matter. Just transfer the figure object, then make a copy of the skin texture and edit it to add the bits you want. It's called "second skin", and its only drawback is that you can't change the actual shape of the object.

    Unless... does "skin an extra piece" have a specific meaning in 3DS MAX related to actual object geometry instead of texture editing? Different 3D programs use different terms for the same thing (and the same terms for different things), and this can cause confusion.

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    why thank you :)

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    By skin- boning, rigging, attaching is meant I believe
    Not flesh skin texture
    I have no idea how to do it in Max
    But in DAZ studio one can add extra bones to the rig
    The way to attach an extra piece would be use the transfer utility to conform it
    Then create child ghost bones and select the mesh and fill it in the weight painting tool setting.
    More detail in the docs section on this where tutorials reside

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