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When I am using Hexagon and I use the command 'Send to Daz Studio' I get a strange additional polygon on my mesh (see screen captures attached. I created a simple mesh to demonstrate, the top picture shows the additional poly on the end of the L-shaped object in DAZ, the bottom picture shows the correct file in Hexagon).

Does anyone know the reason for this as it happens with many of my models?

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    It's easy to see you have N-Gons on both sides of the shape. N-Gons are any faces that make up more than 4 points, and renderer apps don't display properly when ngons are present. All modeling should have only 3-4 sided faces to display properly.

    The red shows the problem area, and the blue dots show how many points make up that face. It's a simple remedy, just either connect the two points across from each other on each corner, or select the two problem faces (or all faces to keep it simple and quick), and use Utilities > Triangulate ngons, before exporting the model.

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    Thanks User.operator for the quick reply and solution.

    My problem is solved, much appreciated.:-)

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