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I have a few content items that have broken links, so to speak. I.e. the content is still there (but the location or path has changed for some reason? in any case I can't access it in the usual way). Here is an example (attachment) - could someone suggest a way to fix this?

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    To fix this: right click on the broken link, then:
    database > preferred file > (choose the correct file)
    This is a bit tedious (since I have dozens of problem links like this) but it works.

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    I don't use the Categories, so it's good to hear that yo found a way to fix it. But what strikes me is the (3): prefix on all those files, which in the other areas of content indicate it's the third copy (or install) of a product. As "general advice" I'd first check to see if the original install is still there to avoid multiple content counts.

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    Good point. When I go to "database/preferred file" I can see all the folders where the item exits - all but one are backups on external hard drives etc.

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    I don't get the option. There is a submenu indicator for database, but no submenu opens. I'm on DAZ 4.5 64-bit PC build 114.

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    The (3) in front of the name of each item means there are 3 locations referenced for each. Select all, right-click and choose "Remove Orphaned References" and you should just have the correct one.

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