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I'm french and new user since some monthes. My problem is : sometimes when I open daz 4 there is nothing into smart content and in content library nothing also into catégories.
I've tried some things : my farewell in windows 7 allows daz to connect.

can you help me for this please ?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,672
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    When you have an empty Smart Content pane, right-click on the Windows Task bar, choose Start Task Manager from the menu, go to the Services tab and see if DAZ Content Management Service is running or stopped.

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    Sometimes when switching to my content library it comes up with out the stuff in it, I can see the file structure but the files themselves I can't. Usually if I wait a few seconds it shows up, my computer is older and I think it takes a bit for it catch up.


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    Yes that may be the case. You should see a little wheel spinning in the upper right corner of the library if its searching for content.

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