Handles to hide [Solved]

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I'm using an M4 Coat on Genesis in C8.5 pro. The coat comes with handles. I've tried creating a shader with alpha of 0 and assigning that shader to the handles domain. Also went into model room, selected the handles domain and did hide vertices.

But the handles are still rendering.

Any other way to fix that?

And how do you use handles in C8.5Pro? I'm able to select the vertices in the model room, but can't click and select in Assemble room


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    You uses the good way for that.
    You can go in the modeling room place them inside the character.

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    Sorry - thought I'd deleted this post, but must have already hit submit before figuring it out.

    Not sure which worked ultimately, but between adding invisible shader to handles and hiding vertices in model room, Carrara stopped rendering the handles, though it did seem to hafve to update itself along the line - one render showed handles, then I adjusted the camera and suddenly worked right,. Moved camera back to original area and still working (handles gone)

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    You can edit your first post in this thread and change the title to add the word SOLVED. I don't think you can delete a thread yourself.

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    ok - went to first post and labeled it solved

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