Question on DimensionTheory's Cloud Nine Clouds and LIghts Bundle

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Can anyone explain the utility of DimensionT’s cloud nine - Clouds and LIghts Bundle -

I’ve experimented with making a cloud dome using surface replicator and volumetric clouds in C8 Pro - and from the description I assume the cloud nine cloud domes renders much faster - fast enough for animations?

Trying to figure out about the cloud nine lighting - again, my purpose is primarily for fairly lengthy animations that don’t need to look realistic, so don’t think I’d take the time him on HDRI’s. But the description said the dome lighting was customized to mesh well with each of the cloud nine cloud domes - so this is more complex than simply replicating distant lights on a dome and changing colors and or intensity?

Product sounds like something I’d be interested in, but I do try to spend wisely, and would like to understand the benefits a little better before purchasing.

Thanks for any additional info. (and I’ve watched the video promos on YouTube)

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