Is the search function on the ball?

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I did a search for "Carrara UV map" advanced search > all words > search titles and posts, and retrieved nothing. I have to say, I find this difficult to believe. Nothing with "Carrara," "UV," and "map"?

I am also unable to search the forum archives at All that I get from a search is a page of gibberish that reads:

Could not delete old search id sessions


SQL Error : 1142 DELETE command denied to user 'forumdml'@'' for table 'phpbb_search_results'

DELETE FROM phpbb_search_results WHERE session_id NOT IN ('0001849a7f49cc09eec0215f2e47280e',

I do not really know what to do about any of this. I am new to 3D modeling, and this is pretty frustrating. I am a quick learner, but I have to have something to learn from.


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    Moved to New Users Help forum, since it isn't really an introductory post.

    Well, "Carrara UV Map" found this thread so it appears to be working. UV Mapping turned up several threads, restricting the search to the Carrara forum turned up seven threads.

    For searching then old site, you may want to try using Google with as one of the search terms, or and then edit the returned links to add the archive if needed (I imagine you would get a mix of links to the nwe and old forums).

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