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Ok, I'm wanting to make a image appear that it's been taken by poor quality Cellphone camera, within DAZ 4 Pro. This is intentional given the scene..

It's going to be set indoors, and most likely under fluorescent tube lighting. I'm wanting to to make it look like it's taken not under Ideal conditions. I've added used a pale yellow light to simulate this, and a Pale Blue light to replicate the flash.

I've positioned the camera roughly where needs it be, and tilted the Camera a few degrees so it appears it was a hand held (possibly drunk) shot.

Below is the version I've done so far. DOF is on but the focus set to the Girl on Blue.

509 x 720 - 538K


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    The shadows would be a lot softer from a fluorescent light, and there'd be more of them (and as a result they be weaker) from multiple lights (which is what would be likely to be present).

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    You might want it to look it is slightly blurred by camera movement, as far as I know that is hard to do with shaders.
    I don't get a "wide angle feel" that, at least cheaper, cameras often give.
    By the shadows I guess this is a flash shot? A flash would erase all shadows from other lighting. Cameras can't compensate for light decay like the eye do and with a weaker camera flash the decay would be visible.
    Why not grab a phone, find a restroom and take some reference pics? Just don't get arrested ;)

    Edit: One thing the 3Delight engine do fairly well is reflections, don't be afraid to us some.


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    Also consider the flash will wash out and overpower the dimmer lights. The center of the image would be bright while the edges would be darker. You could even use that effect as a vignette. You'll also want to look at cell phone or other digital pictures to get an idea of what the noise/artifacts look like, so that they can be simulated in post.

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