Please Help. I have problems with Norton quarentining downloads

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I don't know if anyone has had this kind of problem before.

Since I upgraded my norton to Norton Premium 360 Edition I have had problems with it sending my downloads to the quarentine bin. When I go into actions to bring them back they seem to disappear. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how to fix it?


How do I get only PC downloads instead of both PC & Mac? I am having troubles finding where the settings are to change it.


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    Sorry can't help with your Norton problem, but the downloads one should be simple enough.
    When you log in to your Daz account and go to the downloads available page, you will see a list of available files.
    Only click the ones that end with PC (I've ringed it in green below) and ignore the ones that end with Mac (I've ringed it in red below)

    Hope this helps.

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    First off I do not use Norton for that reason, I find it just takes over everything and can be a real pain.
    I use Windows Security Essentials from Microsoft and Comodo Anti Virus, both free, I use two as I understand how to control them and switch them on and off as needed.

    As with all Anti Virus Software though there will be options to tell it what to do, in your case not to send downloads to the quarantine bin it is just a matter of reading the instructions.
    Good luck with that, Norton has a reputation to say the least.

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    A lot of people are reporting having this problem with Norton. Apparently Norton does this with every file it doesn't deem to have been downloaded enough. To me this seems somewhat stupid on 2 fronts. One, any new products are not going to have sufficent downloads to get through this criteria, and two, is this a good way to decide which files are good or bad. That of course is just my opinion.

    Edited to add that the reason there is no way to sort the downloads to just show PC or Mac downloads is because Daz3D are in the process of changing over to zip files for all downloads. Once this is completed there will only be the one download, which will work for both platforms.

    So this probelem will go away in time, as they get the conversions done.

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    It is a known Norton issue. You should be able to recover the files if you can not something is wrong. You can also set Norton to ignore this type of file.

    But I will say this, after 20 downloads or so Norton no longer sees my files as having any issues. It will clear up if you just keep removing the files from quarintine and restoring them to your drive.

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    That's one of the reasons I quit using Norton. It through up false positives all the time. We had a hard time running some of our programs cause it looked at them as potential viruses.

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    I had this problem yesterday. I just turned off download intelligence until it was done installing and then turned it back on.

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    Thanks for the advice. I'll take on board the suggestions and see what I can do with it. Norton crashed on me last night too and I had to do a fix on it so I think this is the last time I use norton. *sigh*

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