Hiding one limb with the Supersuit

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Title says is pretty much all *g*

I´m trying to use the supersuit to do a costumed hero with a cyberarm.

works perfectly well... only problem: it´s either both arms or none.

Help, anybody?

Is there a way?


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    Expand the supersuit on the Scene tab, toggle the visibility on the parts you don't want. You'll may have to make a transmap (opacity map) for the shoulder.

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    There are two ways of doing this the first would be to create a trans map make just one arm transparent.

    or the easer option would be to hide the bone of the arm you want hidden in the node hierarchy, just expand the hierarchy and click on the eye icon by the bones you wish to hide.

    see example below if the bone you are able to hide do not match up with your cyber arm you will need to go with the trans map option

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