Animation Question, How to record a simple rig

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I started with a character (Genesis) and a camera. I pointed the eyes at the camera, and the camera at the character (chest, I think). Then I made a Null (straight above the character head) and pointed the head at t he Null, then I parented the Null to the camera, the effect being now the eye's and head would follow the camera, but still appear to have some independent movement. Add some IK-pins, and some Pose-tweens, and you get some live-looking animation. The problem is recording. Both the Puppeteer and the Timeline only seem to add keyframes for the selected Item, and using the puppeteer with things Parented and Pointed is still only one layer at a time and just doesn't work. I did get one small one to work, but then importing it into aniMate, I had to use the "Record All" function. It did work, but add the character Shape to the animation ruining that one as well. Is there something I'm missing. Using nulls to parent and point can add some nice mechanics to a scene, but I need to record the final keyframes as character movement only, so I can extract poses and animation. Any help here would be appreciated ??


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    I would wait until daz launches Dazstudio 5, when finally real animation tools are included.
    at the moment animation in studio is so poor, specially the inverse kinematic setup and keyframe edits on the sequencer.

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