Download DAZ Studio 3.1.2?

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I'm trying to get a friend of mine into DAZ as she is very much interested in learning to use it. But because I use 3.1.2 and not DS 4, I would like to get her the same program. But I cannot seem to find the download anywhere! Is it not on the DAZ site anymore? I want her to download it so she can get a serial number from the site as we're supposed to. Thanks!


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    I don't know of any place that has that version for download. Most of the download sites are updated with 4.0. The only place you can probably get it from is from a 3D World magazine. I could be mistaken though and someone still has it up.

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    Daz Studio 3 is considered by some ppl as "dead" software.I still have somewhere rared (archived) on my computer Daz and Daz an admin can confirm if it is ok to create a sharing post for you then ill try to help you, but why can't you just copy your setup installer and give it to her and she'll write to daz for a serial request..if you still have the setup :-)
    Adamr001 said "Only difference between and is the Bryce Bridge... I've had no slowdown issues on my machine when comparing the two." but anyways daz 3 is buggy with the content manager and youll need to run a backup data content script when you install new content and rename a folder , red my replies here : (also the the script link is still active on 1st page)
    Personally i have the daz 4 free version but without content, im thinking to reinstall daz 3 becuse many of the great addons such uberenvironments,uberlights, or reality 1.5..are compatible with daz 3 only and i have old content compatible with 3.If daz keeps releasing new versions and the purchased "addons" are not compatible any more every month i might uninstall everything and move to 3ds max or maya ..or free org software such as blender.So far i enjoy Bryce more than daz lol :-)
    Oh and here is a post about the photoshop bridge to daz3
    Daz 3D photoshop Bridge

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    I'm afraid you can't redistribute them. You'd have to either find it on a magazine CD or ask Support.

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