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As I understood it, if we were not happy with where the PC is going, we could get a pro rated refund.
Now, refund to me means my money back. That's why I renewed. I figured okay, if it all goes pear shaped, at least I can cancel and get it back.

A refund apparently constitutes a STORE CREDIT, not an actual money back refund.

That is NOT what I understood this pro-rated refund to be, and I'm betting no one else understood it to be a store credit either.

Not only that -- I was offered this store credit...for $23. Never mind I'm a paid up member until October 2013.
When I said so, I got "What's the order number for that renewal?"


I'd appreciate an official answer here please as to what this refund entails? (I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants clarification.)
Because I'm being told by support that the only way I get a refund is as a store credit.
Considering I am ditching the PC because it's not worth it for me, as I find nothing I want to buy, a store credit is a slap in the face.
(And btw, the original request I put in over a month ago was just closed, without an answer. No email, nothing. If I hadn't checked if anything is happening...I'd never have known.)


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    You need to address most of that with support, but I can tell you that ZenDesk had problems around the third or fourth of July and a lot fof tickets were closed by the system - that may be what happened to yours, or it may have been closed when the refund was issued and sending a reply may have been missed.

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    it can take awhile to go through order history pages. peeked at mine, set at 50 items per page it was 17 pages.

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