standardized product series for "layered look"

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I feel difficulity when I mix items of different products and coordinate figure.

in many case , "layerd look" cause some poke through of many parts of clothing.

if I just want to change underwear, or just change middle wear (shut tops etc),
just change pants or boots, in many case, I need many customize for each item and resize them
for "poke through" (by morph or d-form)

If I clear one problems (eg underwear strap make poke through pants), next
pants make poke through from shut or attachments)

I named that as "Domino effects of poke through".

I think it is because artists just design for their products.

they designe each items for one set of their products.

so user can not combination many items easy.

of course it is not bad thing. artists can apply beautiful or cool detail for their products free.

but I hope daz make another series for the purpose of "layered look" with combination many items too.

nowdays there are games with character making, and you can change easy to

coordinate character from many items in categories.

it cause user make clothings items and other user use it more easy.

I do not hope every designer and items should keep one reguration.

it may loose free designe and free imagination for their products.

so I want to make new products lines for "layered look".

and the items of the lines keep reguration.

it means when user keep category and choose items in category,
they can easily change items and cordinate their figure without poke through.


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    A product like this is in development for DS4. I can not find the link but I think its in the Commercial Forum.

    I found it check this out

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    this is my basic springboard for suggestion

    (I like cordinate genesis like RPG or ACTION game character,, so think other people need another category and reguration,,
    I think it is best there are some reguration for layerd look, eg for daily fashion, for character for games,(FANTASY, HISTORICAL SF,
    steam punk etc)

    this is just for tell more what I imagine and hope now,,

    1 underwear section

    bottoms , top, legs (stocking) socs. (need fit skin much)

    (if designer want to apply thick decoration for items,
    apply atachments or accessory for the items, and user can take off,
    or atattch as they like)

    basically the items in this section should not be so thick.
    and they should keep category reguration, tops, bottoms or bodysuits.

    2 middle (or inner) wear section ( need fit with items in underwear category)

    shut , pants, sanglasses, etc those items are designed to fit figure with underwear.

    (if user want not set underwear , just remove it. but these items should not cause poke through,
    the figure with underwear items)

    3 outer wear section

    jacket sckirt trouser , and accessory etc ( need fit figure with item in middlewear category)

    4 atachments, protector etc (reggase sholder protector ,elbow protector , cap etc)

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    Not a bad Idea but With all the Different Published Artist (PA) each doing things the way they know to do it, that might be hard to get started.

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    In DS4 you can often use Smoothing and set the collision item to what ever is causing pokethrough, this doesn't always solve the problem but it can help.

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    yeah, I know designer or artists does not like fixed reguration,,(I feel so , are not they?)

    so, the reguration should be produced and decide by DAZ official producer team,
    who has ability to decide the reguration for their products.

    Then every designer (or just user) who want to join and make the items of "consept series",
    they make their products under the reguration.

    it seems not so artistic, but for user who want more easy customize attractive daz figure for animation, static photo as hobby,
    like playing game,

    (someguys want to use the character in their original game,,though I do not think that yet)

    I like products with complicated beautiful detail for art,, but it oftne make things difficult and loose easy customize from
    new 3D user,, I feel.

    I understand many people who have try and study 3D for art with many efforts , but I think it is good there is more easy approach for play around 3D too as if they play game.

    I think DAZ studio can be the item who want to play 3D more easy not for artistic purpose.

    Of course if user want to use it for "real art", DAZ studio has the ability, but if DAZ hope more and more people know and play with daz studio,and genesis, DAZ may think other approach for their products,I hope so.

    and it cause many new customer recognize DAZ and their products, it may gather more money,,

    then DAZ products more attractive for artistic user too.)

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    I agree with this suggestion. I have the worst time with men's boots and pants fitting together beyond an original outfit. I will often like the pants, but not the boots or vice versa, but the shoes just don't 'play' well with other sets.

    Bought the gis set, hate the boots! they look toony. Can't put the guy in any others, because of clippage. I don't like the collide that much because the feature, takes time to redraw every time.

    I'd love the option to 'hide' the tops of the boots beneath pants for the tucked in look too.

    A universal pair of boots that fits every outfit would be awesome.

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    Jederlail said about this tool? thank you.

    I usually do not like to set collison (smooth modifier)

    yeah, I understand what you think well,,SereneNight ^^b
    thati is what I feel,,

    it cause many time to reshape the items, when posing figure.

    (actually I do not need smooth modifer,, if I use it, i want to reshape or remake auto-follow morph,
    by myself )

    and as you know it can not work well at layerd items.
    I can not controll how they modifiy the items.

    adjust collison value for some parts, but another parts often cause another poke through.
    then I oftne change collison targets for each items, and try again, but it make another problems, too.

    if this tool solve the problems, it seems great progress. it is one approach for solve the problems.
    buy it and I will review,, (rendero or here,, )

    (Actually say, it is best for me by manually adjust shape of products one by one, when I cordinate the figure.
    first, under wear,> next middle,> then outer wear> attachments , it is not so bother if they have morph for adjstments
    which can change shape each parts free.

    but, for "auto-follow, and smotth modifier" there are not many products for genesis which have adjustments morphs.
    when I cange the pause, I need some adjustments for poke through it seems loss of time)

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    does anyone know if in 4.5 the push modifier will do this for you?Not sure how it works honestly just throwing out ideas.

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    I checked about new modeifier in 4.5 RC2. I hope it can reduce the problems.

    but it is now RC version, it is not official products to use the clothing, which bought in daz shop.

    RC2 is just a application now testing.

    and "push modifer" seems it is like d- former.

    I think there are 2 way for free layerd look, and daz have been tryiing the way from aplication.

    it seems much for "photo-realistic" usage.

    but if animation usage, (change pose frequently)
    it should need reguration of their item for each body parts with catgory,
    and the approach from reguration is more efefctive.

    I feel strange, because DAZ 4 meta data and smart contents like "categorize" . but the cantegorize does not have many means
    about their item. just decide compatibiltiy (I feel) and how user find the item.

    Daz do not decide and show the reguration of category, so vendor not care about category so much.

    so I think, daz can use category for "layerd look series products".

    If we can choice any underwear (bottom and top or full body type, stocking socks pr full legs,),
    next you can choice any middle wear of each parts, then outer wear, last attachments, more free
    without so many reshape, or, remake, resize, manually,it seems great. do not you think so? ^^

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