Syntheyes & Physics problem, please advise?

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I am using Carrara pro (64bit) OR 8.5 Beta (149), tried both.

So here is my problem..

If I start a new scene, add a plane for the floor and a ball (some distance above the plane), change the motion to physics on the ball and run the physics simulation all is fine and the ball drops to the :)


If I open a file exported by Syntheyes 2011 (syncar) and try to do the same, the ball just sits where its placed (mid air) and does not fall !

Are there any steps I am missing (when using physics) that I need to do with syncar files but not when using physics in scenes started from scratch?

Any tips please people, thanks :)


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    Hi Orion UK :)

    Import the Syncar file,. instead of opening it as a scene.

    I'm not sure why that's happening,. but,.. importing the Syncar file is the expected work-flow.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Lol.... Thanks 3Dage ;)

    That did the trick perfectly, dunno why i didn't try import instead of open but It just never crossed my mind seeing as file/open did open up my syncar file and gave me a start point to begin adding 3D content!, which rendered OK!

    Funny that I was using the wrong work flow and yet all my projects have come out fine to date! I only just decided to do my 1st syntheyes AND physics test today, lol.

    So nice to have u on speed dial good friend, shame u don't live closer to my little island so i could buy you a thank you drink ;)

    Still, if you did live any closer I would owe you a barrel of beer by now :P

    Thank you once again my friend :)

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    Actually I live in Scotland, so it's the same Island. ..I think :)

    No need for beer,.. I'm happy to help if I can :)

    I was actually surprised that the syncar files opened as a scene, Import should be the normal way to add that type of data
    either way it should be working, since opening the syncar file is creating a Carrara scene, so it's something that should be looked into.


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    Well thanks again ;)

    Btw, I am on the Isle of Wight... A tiny little rock (about 4 miles from Southampton) off the south of the mainland, Anyways... [_]P Cheers ;)

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    Well 3Dage..

    It seems that the recommended work flow works in 8.5 (149) but NOTHING happens if I press the simulate physics button in pro (64bit) !!!

    Any other possible insights please, if you don't mind ;)

    Thank you :)

    TBH, finding a fair few bugs in pro!

    There are a few other bugs (mostly commented on in the forums), Shame Daz cant release a patch for the fixes they have implemented in the 8.5 Beta that fix the issues seen in pro ???

    Still, I knew that pro had issues after reading some forum threads and still pushed Daz to sell it to me as I needed a permanent solution to be able to use syncar files :(

    Just hope the 8.5 Beta is released real soon and is not too costly!

    EDIT: Think I may have a work around for pro !

    If I start a new scene, add a plane and sphere (with physics motion on the sphere) run the simulation AND THEN import my syncar file, physics works.. I can then set up my scene as intended by deleting the origional sphere and plane and begin to add the actual physics that I Intended to create in the 1st place!

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    The cause of your problem is a slight bug in the Syntheyes import code.

    When importing a Syntheyes file, the importer forgets to set or wrongly sets Carrara default Gravity to off. Further, it also sets the Physics Solver to 'Standard' instead of Bullet.

    To get around this in the short term - Import your .Syncar file, once loaded click 'Scene' in the Heirachy window at the bottom of the properties tray, go to the 'Physics' tab and you'll see the checkbox in the 'Gravity' area unchecked. Just check it and all will be well, then make sure your physics solver is set to Bullet too.

    You'll be happy to know that these little bugs have been sorted and when DAZ release the next 8.5 Beta (if there is another one) you'll find it's all sorted out.


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    Hi pscmamp :)Sorry for the late reply but I have only just come across it!
    Thanks for taking the time to explain in such a helpful manor ;)

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