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DAZ Studio SDK question

TaozenTaozen Posts: 3,920
edited December 1969 in The Commons

Is it possible to manipulate the Library in DS via the SDK?. E.g. make it jump to a certain folder or load a certain item into the scene?


  • rbtwhizrbtwhiz Posts: 1,136
    edited December 1969

    This question is better posted in one of the Software Development forums; for future reference.

    - Developer Discussion (script)
    - DAZ Studio SDK Discussion (compiled C++)

    I suspect you mean the Content Library pane and not the Render Library pane, since the former can be used to "load a certain item into the scene" and the latter cannot. Both panes are provided with the standard distribution, but both are [separate] plugins. Plugins (compiled C++ that make use of the libraries/headers provided with the SDK) are not generally accessible by other plugins… unless they have been built, explicitly, for that purpose; most are not. However, both panes are accessible via script - I answered a similar question in more detail, in the Developer Discussion forum, here. In my response, you'll notice references to a Content Manager (i.e. "oContentMgr"). This is the class ("DzContentMgr"), accessible by script and by plugin, that is used to load user-facing files.


  • TaozenTaozen Posts: 3,920
    edited December 1969

    OK, will take a look at it. Thanks very much! :)

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