Hair following elf ear morph!

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Sorry as I know this has been asked but after numerous searches I couldn't find it. How do I stop hair from sticking out around elf ears? I am sure it had to do with autofollow but I cannot find it .


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,611
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    A temporary fix is to enable the display of hidden parameters (click on the lined button at top-right of the Parameters pane, or right-click on the pane's tab, to get a menu including that option) and then zero the generated morph. A more permanent fix is to create a new property in the hair with the exact name of the morph you want to block, so that DS won't attempt to generate its own morph.

  • KharmaKharma Posts: 2,429
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    ok thanks Richard I will try that

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