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I'm learning the ropes and looking for some general clarification on terminology:
Genesis is the base figure, right?
Michael and Victoria are then preset morphs of Genesis?
When I look at various items for sale, they refer to M4 or V4. I take this to mean Michael and Victoria, right?
Will these products then NOT work with Genesis? (I downloaded the free app and it came with Genesis and a couple base presets, but not Michael and Victoria).
I would like to create a dozen characters and there are only so many ways I can adjust the Genesis face. If I buy Michael or Victoria, do they provide just presets...or are there added controllers that enable me to create a wider variety of faces (young, old, ethnic, etc.)
Same type of question about hair. Am I buying one style...or more controllers to create infinite styles?
I read somewhere that 3D Artist mag as M and V for free. Anyone try this and see what their offer includes?

Thanks for your assistance!


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    Genesis is the latest "generation". Before that theer were Michael 4 and Victoria 4, different figures from Genesis though their textures will work on Genesis and their clothes can be used on Genesis via AutoFit (and the GenX plugin in the store will convert morphs). Before that there were a number of third generation figures - not just Michael 3 and Victoria 3, but also Stephanie Pettite, Aiko 3, Hiro 3, the Freak and the Young Teens and lids; if you have the Legacy shapes you can convert their clothes to Genesis with Auto Fit, and GenX has an add-on to convert their morphs, but you'd need another tool - Texture Converter 2 and plugins - to convert their texturs to Generation 4, which could then be used on Genesis. Before that there were Victoria 1 and 2, Michael 1 & 2, and the original Stephanie - the 1 and 2 differed only in their morphs, they were the same figure underneath, and none of their content is compatible with Genesis.

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    Thanks! All I have so far are the elements that came with the downloaded program...and the super suit that I bought. How do I create a wider variety of faces?

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    dkutzera said:
    Thanks! All I have so far are the elements that came with the downloaded program...and the super suit that I bought. How do I create a wider variety of faces?
    This freebie from SickleYield over on ShareCG should get you started: There are other freebie and paid for morphs and such out there that will help to expand your facial variety as well, both on the DAZ store, as well as other sites, such as ShareCG, Most Digital Creations, and Renderosity among others.
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    Thanks. That set of 182 controllers makes all the difference.

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    Just to expand on what Richard said about Generations, Genesis is the 5th Generation figure, providing one unified figure for both male and female, and there are 5th Generation versions of Michael and Victoria available as add-ons - M5 and V5 - that optimise the Genesis figure to the male and female forms.

    The idea with Genesis is that add-on packs of morphs function as 'genes' which can all be used together. If you're trying to change Genesis into different characters then you really need to look at the Evolution Morph bundle , which adds a whole set of facial and body morphs to Genesis. There's also the Muscularity pack, Creature Creator and the Ethnicity packs , together with a bunch of 'monster' packs (gorilla, troll, fantasy shapes, Mr Hyde, probably some more I'm forgetting).

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