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I would like to customize my interface in this way:

creating a submenu which groups some shaping (morphs) properties.

E.g. a group with all about cheeck bones, another group including all about chin, etc.

How could I do it?




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    That's not really Interface Customization. That's parameter organization. It's quite complex and not easily done where it maintains compatibility with future expansions and/or updates.

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    To clarify: What you're talking about doing (as I understand it) is re-organizing the morphs of Genesis (or V4, etc.) so that they appear into customized sub-sections, correct? If so then what I said above applies. If not, sorry, I misunderstood the question. :)

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    Indeed, you didn't misunderstand.

    I will try to write a DzScript to display a window displaying the parameters I need.

    Do you think that is possible?

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    The "more difficult way" I referred to earlier would be to use the Presentation Editor feature to create new categories and saving the resulting Genesis as a scene. This will make adding new morphs slightly more difficult, but would let you kind of do what you want so long as you are content with merging a saved genesis scene into your work instead of just plain ol' genesis.duf.

    To then add new morphs to that saved scene, what you have to do is load your "Custom Genesis", Remove it from the scene, load a new default genesis, and then "undo" the actions. Your custom genesis should then have the new morphs in it (which you could organize again) and then resave.

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    I suspect the way to achieve this would be the same way GenX allows you to create different sub-groups, which I strongly suspect (but don't know for certain) is common across all the Genesis morphs. (I haven't looked at Gen 4 or other figures to check whether it is common to them too, but don't see any reason for DAZ developing two separate sets of functionality for displaying morphs).

    If you go down into /data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Base/Morphs/DAZ 3D/Base you will find the .dsf files for all of the basic Genesis morphs. If you open one up in a text editor, and search for 'group', then the line of text it finds (near the bottom of the first screen of text in all the examples I've looked at) will say something like:

    "group" : "/Pose Controls/Head/Eyes",

    Which if you compare with the parameters pane corresponds exactly with the hierarchical breakdown presented to you there. So the way to achieve what you want is likely to be to edit the 'group' entries in the individual .dsf files. Normal caveats apply - i.e. I haven't actually done this myself yet, and either take back-ups or be prepared to reinstall any morph package you change in case it causes unforeseen problems.

    Looking in the GenX folder, where I have edited Group entries, there is also an entry immediately above the 'Group' line:

    "region" : "Actor",

    And the GenX morphs appear within the Actor category on the Parameter pane, so there are potentially two relevant entries here. I've got my GenX V3 category subdivided into Head and Body, and ISTR I actually did edit the group line in some of the .dsfs to create that sub-division - and a quick experiment confirms that you can definitely add a new subgroup using this method.

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