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Look for a chinese character
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Hi I’m looking for a chinese character like this one ( or this one (
Can anybody give me an idea where I can find it, or just the beard. Thank you.

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I’ve nerver seen such a chinese character, doesn’t mean none exist though smile

But I guess you should be able to recreate such a character using the Morphs of M4 and/or Genesis, a fitting skintexture and either a beard style for Genesis or M4… or if the beard styles won’t fit, maybe you can find fitting brushes and add the beard in Postwork… with Genesis you might also be able to use something from the new unshaven stuff…

In the end it will depend on if you’re looking for stuff for M4 or Genesis and how much you’re ready to pay for it… allthough… there was a nice fumanchu beard freebie… I think it was in the old forum… maybe you’ll find it in the freepozitory here smile


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Closest I can think of is no longer available. :(

Mister Tom by Milanautica ( ).  You’d still need to handle the beard.


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Hi WangJun,

I put this together with Genesis in Daz4 - it resembles the pictures you posted.  The mustaches and beard were created using Mec4D’s fantastic product found here at Daz -  - (it’s also available in a bundle if you want the body hair as well (  These are fibre hair products and don’t work on M4, they were developed for Genesis and M5.  (Did I mention they are fantastic?!) These two styles are just 2 of many available styles to pick from for realistic facial hair.

The characters themselves are morphs, the one on the left was given generously by Male3Dia as a free Daz Christmas gift here - however the download link no longer seems to be working.  The character texture comes from .  I used a face morph from SickleYield and fusling for the 2nd characters face, and added “old” - and used the texture from Elite Texture Lee found here:

I hope this was helpful!  It was fun putting the picture together. grin  Cathy

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