Fish Eye Lens For Daz Camera?

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Is there a way to get a Fish Eye Lens Effect using the Daz camera


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    Stolen from--------------------------

    Camera Focal Length Adjustment

    1. Select the camera in the ‘Scene’ tab.
    2. Open the ‘Parameters’ tab if it is not already open.
    3. Select the ‘Camera’ entry.
    4. Adjust the ‘Focal Length’ slider or direct entry in mm for the focal length.

    Note, you will of course have to reposition the camera to achieve the same framing of the shot for a different focal length.

    To get the effect you want I think you need to set it to 35-45 or maybe less depending on your setup.

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    Awesome! thanks

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    Right, basically, the lower the focal length, the wider the field of view. 35mm or so is a basic "wide-angle" lens length, but not quite fisheyed, in the sense I think you mean. A fisheye lens for a 35mm SLR film camera is typically down in the 8-10mm focal length range. I've attached a quick example, showing various lens lengths in DS 4.5...

    640 x 800 - 398K
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    DAZ is still doing rectilinear wide angle, not fish eye, even at very short focal lengths, based on those examples.

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    The shots show no noticeable difference between pairs of images.

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