Any tutorial for creating clothes?

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I would like to create my own clothes/accessories for characters. Where would I find info on this?


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    There's this thread on making clothes:

    Some useful links in this thread:

    If you're interested in making clothes for Genesis there is this rigging kit which includes a tutorial:

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Lot of links. Can you make any type of clothing with the Rig Kit?
    Im new to Daz and the photo is of a woman on the product.

    Id like to make different types of clothing for male and female. Tight and baggy

    Will this do it?

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    The rig kit doesn't have a rig base for pants. It's intended to help out with skirt and dress rigging, which can be difficult. For other garments you would use the Transfer Utility in DAZ Studio 4 Pro (which is still free) and copy from Genesis with the Pants template on. There are templates for loose and tight pants, loose and tight shirts, etc., and you can use it for both sexes. Eventually you will probably want to edit the copied rigging, but it's a good place to start.

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