Forum's style no longer looks that bad anymore...

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In comparison to this installation screen for VUE 9.
I was installing it today and I just had to apologize for making fun of DAZ's light grey on "Alien Abduction White" forum style...
I'm using a Mac, so my only possible conclusion is it looks different on Windows OS.
Is anyone here taking classes in computer graphics? They used to mention something in art schools about placing light colors on light colors and dark on dark as being a bad idea if you want the lettering to be readable... do they still teach that or is that considered not cool?
Anyway, just thought I'd share this.

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    Cite 24 "Hale Victoria's" and 12 "Our PA's" and ye shall be forgiven, my child.

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    I'm with you lordvicore. When I was getting my Web Designer Certification, one of the classes I took was Building Accessible Web Sites, and one of the tools I used was called the Colour Contrast Tool.

    Unfortunately, that site is no longer online, but I just did a Google search and found this, which seems to be similar -->

    It displays text with the foreground and background colors you choose and tells you if it's passed the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) for good contrast and readability. So in answer to your question, no it hasn't/shouldn't be forgotten, whether in web graphics or X/HTML.

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    the thread title - was expecting some sarcasm - ;-)

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    I'm sorry... I've recently become quite manic in regards to these forums and the store... one day I'm apathetic and the next I'm annoyed... today my sarcasm level is low (need more vitamin S). If it is any consolation, I did post this in the "Things I like about the new site ... " thread:

    "Top five things I like about the new site:
    5- The forum color palette reminds me of the end of “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” one of my favorite Steven Spielberg movies he
    hasn’t messed up yet.
    4- My eyes don’t bleed so much anymore due to the thick calluses on my corneas.
    3- Inexplicably it has reduced the number of cute kitty pictures.
    2- I no longer feel the local Home Depot is as annoying as it used to seem (and I almost lost a toe in that store).
    1- I no longer have unreasonable expectations about the functionality of modern websites.

    Cue the barrage of cute kitty pics… 3…. 2…. 1…. "

    But in a way it IS sarcasm, because I do think this has been one of the worst site changes I've seen and I really hate the forum's new look.

    Edited to add- On a side note, just how many friggin' line breaks must I insert just to produce one ? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally.

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    LOL, I like how you :sorta: blurred out the Vue and E-on logos. It's like blurring a mugshot of a celebrity that is still easily identifiable. ;)

    Edited to add- On a side note, just how many friggin’ line breaks must I insert just to produce one ? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally.

    I know, that still drives me insane! You actually have to press Enter, Space, Enter for a line break, but I always forget and have to go back through my post, move everything into one big paragraph and then do it. One more thing to be fixed S O O N.

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    It's called a "low-observability" paint scheme like the one used by the USAF when they paint aircraft tail numbers in light blue against a light grey body color. That's so spies can't report tail numbers when the fighter whizzes by at Mach 2... :lol: Perhaps Daz is afraid spies from Rendo will get too much information from here!

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    the worst part about the dbl enter line breaks - i'm doing at other forums now out of habit

    cue kitteh pic :)

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