Things I like about the new site ...

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Forgive me if there's already a thread like this elsewhere - couldn't find it. If so please feel free to move my post there.


With everyone (myself included) being so very - ahem - realistic about the new site I thought I'd take a positive view as well and list all the things I like about the new site.

1. I don't have to CTRL-A CTRL-C my post before clicking submit like I started doing out of habit because the old site kept hanging. That's neat, but its a hard habit to break.

That's about all I got. Feel free to chip in.

-> Ha! Just hit Ctrl-A Ctrl-C again! :-)


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    I like the alphabetical order for the itemized order history. fast grab for a day. (although i've had most of the items lol)

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    I always use the bread crumbs.

    And they don't make a mess on my floor either! :)

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    I too like the breadcrumbs, and the fast reply option!

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    @cridgit - For a while after the new forums opened, I was doing copy and paste to a text editor until I was sure my post had gone through . . . especially if it was longer than a sentence or two. Now it seems to be better, so whatever was causing the problem seems to have been addressed and fixed.

    @Timesurfer - You "like" the alphabetial order of the Itemized Order History? Really? I was much happier with the descending date order so my most recent purchases were right there at the top of the list. I can undertand the need for multi-page views, but listing them alphabetially, at least to me, is a PITA. "IF", they would add a row of alpha links, e.g., A, B, C, D, etc. so we could at the very least get to the first page of the first letter in the name of the product we're looking for, that would be a good start. Either that, or a search engine is needed, and I don't really see them doing that as it's probably harder to implement.

    Well that's my 2¢ FWIW.

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    I like how fast the downloads are! I regularly get 2.5 - 3 MB/s down. Much faster than the old site.

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    Download resets are instantaneous, and if you click on a product while on page 47, when you backspace it's back on page 47 instead of going back to page 1.

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    Ooh, ooh! Have you seen the new order confirmation page? It looks great and has a link to the download page. Like.

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    I'm removing my post because I'm too disruptive and none of my comments belong here. Say happy things. We all must be happy.

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    Things I like :

    1.) Speed has improved tenfold on the forums
    2.) Uh... uhm.. I'm sure there's something else here... I'll think of it, promise! Oh, that's right! The alphabetical list to the itemized order history is great! Now if only we had a search feature on that list, or else had the list load up all on one page like it did before.... *cough-HINT DAZ HINT-cough* LOL
    3.) Knowing (okay, hoping...) that this is just an initial roll-out and that they'll get their stuff together and eventually fix some of the functionality they inadvertently broke with this rollout...

    Nope, that's about all I can come up with. >.> Sorry. I tried! I do actually like those first two things about the new site design, but I really really do HATE the current design so much that I don't have words for it. So, in trying to be 'positive' about the site design, that's really about all I can come up with. I just do NOT like ANYTHING else about it. At all. And I'll stop here before I get on a frustrated-rant about the things I hate about it.

    A dark theme would go a LONG LONG LONG way towards my being able to swallow down the site design, though...

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    Seliah said:
    I really really do HATE the current design so much that I don't have words for it.


    A dark theme would go a LONG LONG LONG way towards my being able to swallow down the site design, though...


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