Color Calibration and Windows 7

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I've been trying to get Windows 7 to show true colors for other applications and my DAZ 3D renders came to mind. Windows 7 has a Windows Color System, or "Service" WcsPlugInService. This allows programs to use their own color processing if desired. I am wondering if DS3 or DS4 has a color processing function that can get me a more "true" color, and whether the color processing would go through my video card or through Windows Color System (images can run through either)? Am I out in the great beyond-o even thinking about it? :coolhmm:


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    DS doesn't have a CMS. However, if you want accurate colour what you need to do is to profile your display - without an accurate profile anything else is just gilding mud. There are a couple of (relatively) cheap profiling tools - have a look at the Pantone Huey.

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