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Way of using a Victoria 4 morph on Victoria 6?
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I want badly to use a Victoria 4 morph of a celebrity character on the latest Victoria 6 and I was looking on the matrix chart thing about whats compatible and basically generation 4 morphs are not compatible with Victoria 6. Is this pretty much set in stone? is there no way to use a V4 morph on V6? also if I was to use Victoria 5 which is Generation 4 compatible do you think it would be a much of a big figure detail/model setback?

Also where EXACTLY on here can you get just the regular Genesis 2 for Daz? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

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Genesis 2 Female and Genesis 2 Male are in the Starter essential pack which need downloading and installing there’s also a Essential starter pack for Genesis.
You can use V4 morphs on Genesis 2 with genX and possibly the relevant add on packs
you might also need V4 for Genesis Female 2