CRASH: Send to Bryce 7.1 Pro from Daz 4 Pro

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When I try to send any figure other than the "base" to Bryce 7.1 Pro from Daz 4 Pro, both Bryce and Daz crash with this error:
DAZStudio.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\DzCore.dll" at 0033:00000000EA29CD0E,
DzElement::getLabel()+30 byte(s)

I sent a bug report in and got this reply:
The Bryce issues have been fixed in the latest Release Candidate builds.

What exactly does this mean? I have looked everywhere for updates for Bryce and Daz, where can I find them?

I am running an 8 core AMD chip set with 16 gigs of ram and a system with an Nvidea GE Force GTX 560TI


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    DAZ doesn't do upgrades just whole new versions. The newest can be found here (free):

    I see you use Windows but on my Mac it did indeed fix the Bridge

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    There is a problem with the Elite textures that hopefully is fixed in the next version of DS, but I dont have it so I cannot say for sure. Try sending the human characters with no skin textures and see if there is still a problem. Best of luck.

    Also keep in mind that it really doesnt matter how much system memory you have, 32 bit programs are limited to 2gb of ram. Though DS4 is 64 bit, Bryce remains 32 bit. There is a utility called Large Address Aware that allows 32 bit applications like Bryce to access up to 3.6gb. But that is another discussion.

    Play around with the bridge, Try sending over simpler items and see where you run into trouble. I am sure we can get this working for you. Best of luck!

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    Upgraded to Candidate 2 and have the same problem with the Victoria 5... just the basic figure, no hair, no clothing, no props.

    I have been using Bryce for years and am used to it for lighting and atmosphere... but I am open to suggestions.

    I am also Running Poser 9... but I actually like Daz better for most things.

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    Well, I tend to think that the Bridge is not ideal for Genesis figures. The makers at Daz seemed to think that Bryce users don't need full resolution Genesis figures so if you send over a genesis with the bridge it will be locked into the base resolution setting which is extremely blocky, not smooth at all. You are better off using a manual export which is really easy.

    Here is a link to a thread that explains easily how this is done. Make sure you install the clever script from GreaseMonkey that displays the old forums with images and links fully intact.

    Bryce7 /DS4 Bridge Workaround.

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    Thank you Rahsad!

    I actually printed this thread from you yesterday, I just have not had a chance to try it yet.

    I found out from "bug" support that the problem is fixed in I downloaded Does anyone know where the right version can be found?

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    Remember that these are betas, and betas are not always supported fully for very long. I am tempted to try the beta but as one can only have one version of 64 bit DS 4 installed on a system at one time, I cannot risk it. It does look promising though and I do hope it remains affordable. We shall see.

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