Car Suggestions?

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Hey everyone,

Can anyone suggest a car they have used in Daz, and were happy with the results?
Specifically I'm looking for a sports/exotic car, or possibly a police cruiser.

There are lots of different cars and vehicles on the different sites, but I can't really tell which ones are better than others.

Thanks in advance


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    try looking here
    there were 2 previous versions of the same thread so id say that that would be a well used resource

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    Mattymanx 's cars are great. And his light sets will help with reproducing the same renders as you see in his promos. Very nice work.

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    ...depending on the type/era of sports car you are looking for (classic or modern) Two I have which have pleased me that come to my mind:

    (basically a modern version of the Aston Martin DB series)

    (traditional British two seat roadster styled after the old "Moggies")

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    Awesome, thanks everyone let me check these out

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    This is the Roland car I used recently, I like its form quite well and it's only 1.99 with PlatClub.

    2000 x 1384 - 4M
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  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 32,103
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    ...forgot about that one, influenced by the Bugatti 16C Galibier. concept which is to be released in 2015 possibly under the marque of Bugatti Royale.

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    Here's a nice Rolls, it's for Poser but just tried it in DS and it works fine with some shader adjustments (I used the DS shaders here).


    1342 x 1034 - 282K
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    There's the Nemesis: which has a more futuristic feel,

    And DzFire's Maximum Madness: which when combined with the Maximum Destruction Add-On gives you a normal muscle car, police interceptor, and post-apocalyptic car.

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    Since Mattymanx's cars were already mentioned (love those), I will focus on two different cars here.

    Left one is CV-1 and right one is POR.911 over at Rendo. The left one is quite pricey, so I waited until I could get plenty of reductions to warrant a purchase. These two I quite like, mainly because they come in US and UK fashion (switched steering wheel) without me having to flip the model/textures. Both come with DAZ Studio materials (despite the Porsche product not mentioning it) and plentiful of options. The Porsche got Genesis poses, too (on top of product mentioned V4/M4 poses).

    Also thanks to Kyoto Kid for hinting the "Spy Car" :) Wishlisted for the time being - UK steering - yay! :)

    1600 x 900 - 2M
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    Here I want to mention this one:

    It looks just great! Based on a ... hm... maybe Lotus?

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,150
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    I do like the cars by Dreamscape-Creation -

    If you buy any of his, make sure you get the poser version.

  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 32,103
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    ...indeed, his cars are all inspired by RL vehicles but just with enough small differences to avoid any issue with the actual manufacturers/designers. (also have he F&F Tuner for those street racing scenes).

    For more fanciful, futuristic and neo retro Petipet has a few other nice vehicles as well including:

    The aforementioned Car Roland.

    Sports Car Exemon (based loosely off the Bugatti Aerolithe concept)

    Limousine Prince (Based off the Jaguar Mk-II)

    Car Ranger (based off the Range Rover)

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    Thanks everyone,

    I'm really liking MattyManxs and Dreamscapes cars, they look pretty amazing. I'm going to get one of them as soon as I stop being indecisive.

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