Looking for alien tech

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Well, not in real life. But you get the idea.

I've been looking for alien technology to put in a lab and a command bridge setting.
Consols, panels, tools, pilot seat etc. Does anyone know where I can find some that
are good? It can be anything from standalones to complete sets. And it can be free
or even mildly expensive.



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    Aww, am I the only one looking for alien Tech in real life?

    Here's an oldie but a goodie- always been a fan of X2000's work, even if it is now ancient :) http://www.technowomb.com/poser/x2000/index.html

    ShareCG / Daz|Studio search for Sci-Fi : http://www.sharecg.com/b/21/DAZ-Studio/?keywords=sci-fi&member;_type[All]=on&attribute;[4277][-1]=1&attribute;[4279][-1]=1&attribute;[4278][-1]=1&tdm=a&s=dd

    And the poser search: http://www.sharecg.com/b/11/Poser/?keywords=Sci-Fi&member;_type[All]=on&attribute;[2449][-1]=1&attribute;[2577][-1]=1&attribute;[2439][-1]=1&tdm=a&s=dd

    Edit: You may have to Copy/paste the SCG links to follow them.

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    Hello :-)

    3-D-C aka pgmeri has some nice free stuff for sci-fi environments over at sharecg

    they also have a store at renderosity with affordable prices

    It's mostly made for Poser, so if you're working with DS the Lights and Cameras might not always work and you might have to change the surface settings... but besides that, the Items work just fine.

    There are of course some awesome things here in the dazshop, that you might want to look at... for example:
    Davorama http://www.daz3d.com/shop/davorama-1/
    The AntFarm http://www.daz3d.com/shop/the-antfarm/
    Stonemason http://www.daz3d.com/shop/stonemason-1/
    Nightshift3D http://www.daz3d.com/shop/nightshift3d/
    ... and many more :)

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    Don't know how ambitious you're feeling, but another approach is to take the simplest of prop and use displacement maps to make it really alien. There are hundreds of brushes for Photoshop (I think they work in Gimp) to create displacement maps.

    Things like this:
    Search the store for "brushes"

    It's just a thought.
    p.s... remember: Displacement maps won't show up in your view port. You have to render to see the result.s

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    Thanks for your help! Great suggestions.
    I am actually looking for something a little more alien though. Most of the scifi stuff
    is a bit too human. I'll try the brush approach on the alien room from 3dc and see
    how it turns out.
    And thanks again!

  • Joe CotterJoe Cotter Posts: 3,164
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    The thing you might want to try looking for then mathias is 'organic scifi' as that is the style most often associated with aliens.

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    Poisen has this set availble at Rendo, you might be use it to alienfy some other stuff

  • mathias7212mathias7212 Posts: 47
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    Now, this is more what I was looking for. Thank you guys for all your help.
    I'm off to weirdify my little ship.

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,163
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    Not quite tech, but this does hint at an alien type environment, interior of a ship, cave, hive, atmosphereprocessor,


  • pwiecekpwiecek Posts: 1,041
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    There is a set called Z-Mecha for sale at Renderotica. It is a BDSM set but would work to create alien looking devices.

  • Midnight_storiesMidnight_stories Posts: 3,370
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    I've got this coming out tomorrow or the next day
    and I was thinking of doing something like the space jockey.
    plus the Creation Engineer is out Friday.
    Damn I'm doing too much at once LOL

    800 x 800 - 488K
    800 x 546 - 305K
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    Boy, am I disappointed. I read the whole thread, but I thought they had finally landed and the technicians were for hire. My 7 yr old grandson assures me that aliens live on the dark side of the moon. We can't see them because it's DARK.

    Oh well, back to hoping that someday a ship will land and I will finally get to meet some.

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    *sigh* So it took six replies to drag out of the OP that he is actually looking for something in a Giger-esque styling.

    Seriously, people. It would be much easier to help you if you were just a little bit less generic in your requests.

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    That set looks nice, midnight. You can count on at least one
    customer. Probably more though...

    About that giger comment. No, I am not looking at a giger-esque
    setting. More along the lines of an updated 50:s b-movie feel.
    However, in a forum I like to keep questions a bit open. More
    often than not I am inspired by some of the suggestions or I
    find a detail that I can incorporate in my project.

    Thanks again for all of the great suggestions. And maybe
    that seven year old kid is right. You never know.

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