Cant add items to cart?

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I can't add items tomy cart - it says added item but it never shows up in the cart. Anyone have a solution? :(


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    Close the page your on, log off the store, log on and it will more than likely be in the cart (along with a few duplicates if you tried adding it the cart repeatedly.)

    Hard refresh of your browser may also fix it, but I find logging off and on works.

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    I logged onto a different computer and it still didnt work. An hour later I tried again and it finally worked without doing anything, go figure :/

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    I was thwarted from buying Michael 5, or the Ethnicity set.

    Now I can't get the free sushi - which is something I really like and could use.

    And Daz STILL haven't replied to my emails.


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    Just a note; the shopping cart acts...questionable between sometime around midnight (Utah time) and 1-2am. Adding to cart appears to work, but doesn't change the cart. It then shows up later. It's like the cart gets locked out for a while, and then all the activities get run against it once it unlocks. My current working hypothesis is that DAZ is running nightly jobs (probably calculating PA payouts, clearing sales flags, or something similar) against their database, and it locks the database or some part of it for the duration of the run.

    It works pretty smoothly during the day (Utah time), but that doesn't help if you're TZ-offset badly from them, or your awake hours are uncommon.

    -- Morgan

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