What's the best way to convert clothing from A3 to V3?

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I know I can try converter software but I can't help thinking there's a more elegant and precise method, since AFAIK A3 and V3 use the same mesh. Isn't there a way to inject the base V3 geometry into A3 clothing? If I can get A3 clothing to fit the base V3 shape, then I consider it converted since after that I can use Morphing Clothes to inject V3's morphs.


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    Using the same mesh isn't relevant here - if you think about it, you could replace the A3 mesh with a new mesh of the same basic shape but a totally different topology and clothes would still fit (though morphs on the base figure wouldn't work). Unfortunately there isn't any sure-fire automatic conversion from one figure to another.

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    Wardrobe Wizard or Crossdresser

    Neither is perfect

    Both are pretty good

    Some clothing converts very well & some very badly

    You will still need to add morphs.

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    You could try using the Genesis V3 and A3 shapes. Set Genesis to V3 and then let autofit convert the clothing from A3. Once it is in the pose you want, create a geometry shell. Convert that to OBJ, or transfer it to a V3 figure.

    It'll get you a mesh.


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    Morphing Clothes is. imho, the best option for adding character morphs to clothes. Doesn't matter if the clothes were converted or not. Will work for any clothing item for any figure.

    I have a quick tutorial fom MC Here: http://forumarchive.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=143030

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