where is the render to new window in poserpro 2012?

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i need help i forgot where is it located thanks


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    I don't recall seeing that option. I'd be interested in knowing if you can. It maybe be the queue manager that does it.

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  • ArchWorksArchWorks Posts: 43
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    maybe they removed it? in the previous version the render automatically renders on a new window instead of the viewport...

  • ps1borgps1borg Posts: 12,763
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    upper right side of the gui, change docked to floating (mac)

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  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,705
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    That just undocks the viewport. I doesn't render it to a new/separate window.

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    Maybe the OP can clarify what they are trying to achieve?

    Whatever program I have used the render process locks the program whether it is in a tab or 'New window'. As ps1borg says, undocking the render tab to floating gives you what all the other programs look like, a floating window with the renderer in it. Render queue would be the way to go to if you are trying to free up the program if renders are interrupting your workflow.

    Or am I missing a fundamental here?

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    PP2012 can either render in background or render to queue, neither of which locks the program.


  • ArchWorksArchWorks Posts: 43
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    this is what im trying to look for in poser 9 or poser pro 2012

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    Its in the menu, Render/Render Dimensions.

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