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Art to inspire art

GeddGedd Posts: 3,046
edited July 2012 in The Commons

I think an interesting concept would be to share how we use art to inspire us to create ourselves, and perhaps post some links to artwork that might be inspirational. To start I'll post a couple music videos I think illustrates the point of something that can be inspirational.

This first example is of where someone created some especially artistic content to go to the music:

The second example is a song that I think evokes a lot of emotion and would serve as a good catalyst for creating imagery:

It would be nice to see ideas and artwork in response to the ideas :)

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,917
    edited December 1969

    If a song "speaks" to me, or a poem, or even a chance remark found in a book or a story, then I am sometimes inspired to creat an image. I have a good many images in my Gallery that are inspired in this way.

  • GeddGedd Posts: 3,046
    edited July 2012

    I find that sometimes I like to have something speak for itself. What inspired me might be irrelevant to what someone else might get out of a piece. Other times I feel like it's very relevant, like my work is an extension in my own small way of the thing that inspired it, or that the context of the inspiration adds to an understanding of the piece.

    I once had someone read one of my poems and they said they loved it, and proceed to explain what it meant. I responded with "that's not at all what it meant." They were rightfully chagrined at this and responded, "just because you created it doesn't mean you have sole ownership over what it means."

    I thought about this and realized this person was right, and have taken that to heart ever since.

    Btw, this all might sound contradictory to my first post but it isn't really. In this context I think it is helpful to share what the inspiration was as we share creative frames of reference, even when we might not otherwise.

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,917
    edited July 2012

    Yes I understand what you are saying. I have one image, if I can find it, where I actually asked how others saw it, because it could say so many things. This one, on the other hand, I think has a very clear message. A fairly old image (done 10 years ago)

    800 x 1200 - 498K
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  • GeddGedd Posts: 3,046
    edited December 1969

    Very nice, ty for sharing :)

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