ISO patagium wings

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I figure the fancy word might get attention. but for simple folk like me a gliding skin like flying squirls and suger gliders have or even somewhat like it able to be used with M4, I am making an Anthro Suger Glider and that is the only thing I am missing. pay is fine.

any and all help or suggestions are welcome.



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    you could try to use the "epic wings" if you're working with ds4 ... if you look at the video in the productdescription it shows, that it also works with the milbigcats and if I remember the commercial topic right it said that one could basically use the wings with every figure.

    here are the wings:

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    Yeah, but patagia runs from the wrists to ankles, in general. So Epic Wings would not work that well, since they sprout from the shoulder blades.

    Strigoi (available here) has wings that run from wrist to sides, but do not go low enough.

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    I used to want wings like that but never figured out how to get them. I remember thinking about it and what type of clothes they would wear. They would have to wear specialized clothing as their wings will get in the way of normal clothing.

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