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I uv mapped two objects...#1 and #2.

I extracted a portion of object #2 to create a third object (by copy and paste polys).

All three objects are still uv mapped.

I want to attach the newly made object to object #1 so that I have two objects again.

If I weld them it creates a new single object but I lose my uv mapping.

Is there a way to attach the newly made object to object #1 but not lose my uv mapping?

Is there another program that will do this for me if Hexagon can't?


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    A UV map is tied to the vertices of your object. If any vertices are added or deleted, you loose your UV map. Hexagon does not have a way to transfer a UV map from one object and apply it to another with different vertices.

    I believe Blender, ZBrush, and 3dCoat can do this. Maybe someone else here can give more specific info how to do this an another application.

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    What one can do in Hexagon, is give each of those objects their own Shading Domain. When you weld the 2 objects together, yes you will lose the uvmap but will they will retain their Shading Domains. Then select each Shading Domain in turn and apply a new uvmap.
    It cannot be unfolded per sa so make as many Shading Domains as you'll be wanting parts for. Later the parts can be welded back together on the uvmapping tab.

    Considering how many different ways Hexagon can/will zap the uvmap and/or Shading Domains, it is better for one's hair if one doesn't set the final maps and domains until all modeling on said part is finished.

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    There is way to do it..
    If you give the two object the same name, and then export them out as .obj, the export will join them without destroing the UV-map.
    When you then import back into Hexagon, they will be one object.

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    Very cunning, Varsel :)

    Be sure to scale the UV maps on the grid so each will have it's own space and not overlap when you import back.

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    I never got notice that there were responses on this. Sorry I'm late coming back.

    I appreciate everyone's input, so thank you all.

    Varsel, that is clever indeed. I will try that.

    Patience, I did not know that the shading domains would remain. That's great info too.

    I'll keep an eye on the uv maps :)

  • A very neat trick thanks Varsel.  Saved much trauma to what little hair I have. :)

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