Sending from Bryce Pro 7 to DAZ3D 4 Pro

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I want to create a sky background in my Bryce Pro 7 and send it to my DAZ3D 4 Pro studio. Do I need to render the sky image before sending it to DAZ? Once I do send it, where can I find it in my studio so I can load it into a scene. Not sure how this process works. Thanx for any advice!!!!!!!


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    While I don't use Bryce for this I tend to use Carrara but its the same sort of issue.

    I would think the easiest way would be to save the sky as an image and then add that to the background or a plane in DAZ Studio as I don't think the sky in Bryce is an object that comes over vie the bridge.

    That would be the quick solution. For further help you may need to ask down in the Bryce forums as that may know other tricks but they don't venture out of there very often

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    Yup, Neil is correct, you have to render the sky in Bryce then save it as an image file.
    Then in Daz either set it as the background, or map it onto a plane (or a 'sky dome' if such a thing is available for Daz Studio).

    This shouldn't be too much of a problem unless you need layers of volumetric clouds to place Daz objects between, as the sky is just a backdrop.

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    Yup. AFAIK the main reason the Daz3D invented the bridge between the two apps was to make it easier for people to send figures and props which had been prepped in DS over to a Bryce environement for rendering, rather than using it the other way round. However as Neil says if you pop over and view some of the threads in the Bryce forum where similar topics are being discussed you will find all sorts of tips and tricks

    This thread for a start, may be of interest to you.

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