Design Tool Box- Floors [Commercial]

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I've wanted for quite some time to do some shaders for interiors and now that studio 4 can actually add surface areas on the fly I thought it was time to pull together all the textures I have been hording. The first of what we hope will be several sets is the flooring. Hopefully this will be the first in a coordinating series of products.

This set includes 16 wood floors, 20 marble tile 12, 10 stone tile, 5 slate tile and 12 carpets that have 173 color options.

461 x 600 - 101K
461 x 600 - 59K
461 x 600 - 95K
461 x 600 - 70K


  • maraichmaraich Posts: 345
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    Those look extremely nice!

  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,847
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    Thank you! I think the floors turned out rather nicely. There are options to lower or raise the reflection that I forgot to mention and a full set of files for reality users so they will have less adjustments to make. Hopefully I will have the "Paints and Papers" sorted soon and can move on to more exotic interiors like sci fi or fantasy.

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 8,012
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    STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS. I'd eat my scraps off of those floors any day! :coolgrin:

  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,847
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    I promise I gave them a good enough wash before they went off to QA.

  • Cyn ArtCyn Art Posts: 0
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    Impressive! I love the 2nd one (rusty marble) especially! :-)

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  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,847
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    I really loved doing these. I added more marbles and the stone/slate at the suggestion of my testers and I am really pleased how they turned out.

  • SkirikiSkiriki Posts: 4,936
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    Yay! Yet another must-get product. :)

  • ColdrakeColdrake Posts: 230
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    These look excellent! I'm really looking forward to them. :-)


  • anikadanikad Posts: 1,916
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    Wow these floors look amazing.

  • KhoryKhory Posts: 3,847
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    Thank you! I really think people are going to enjoy this set. The carpets will be especially fun because there are so many color options to mix with the textures. I really love a couple of the textures I wouldn't have thought of if a tester had not suggested them.

    461 x 599 - 25K
    461 x 600 - 56K
  • HeatherleeaHeatherleea Posts: 247
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    Woot! These look fabulous, can't wait!

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