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imports into Daz studio rigged
cannot save the scene still but you can animate and render it
do not try dynamic clothing though, see my other thread in Daz studio discussion
this could prove interesting for game ready content development as MakeHuman is redistributable so if one can permanently weld the rigging and save it as a character and model clothes it could be fbx exported.
at moment too unstable in studio.
I have gotten it into iClone too and it is possible to add clothing in Carrara and get a workable dressed fbx file.


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    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Bloomin' BVH always trouble! MOCAP is a different kind of trouble.

    As you demonstrate though - if (say) the top half looks good, then use that - I'm often altering camera angles to compensate - you should see what the legs get up to!

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    MakeHuman is interesting in regards to which nightly build you use
    each seems to have different additions and limitations
    getting it into Carrara works better than Daz studio which was shown in this post
    I have dressed it, applied dynamic hair and animated it in Carrara quite well, C8.1 that is,
    posted the results on the old forum
    only this later build has worked as well with studio but it DID break my Optitex 64bit cloth!!!
    so I am kinda leaving it alone for now
    behaves differently in C8.5beta than C8.1 too.
    it is MEANT to work with Blender!!!

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    I guess you have to use what works in each version, save it and save the version of the program you use with it.

    That way if you need to edit the scene in the future you can kind of restore to that point with the software that works with it. :)

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    yeah, I can at least save it in Carrara
    and open it on different versions
    do that with Optitex cloth, DS34 32bit dazcollada export & C8.1 then open it i C8.5 beta
    likewise Poser7 cloth dyntomorphs and Carrara or again DS3A, the newer versions just not compatible but will open scenes.
    No version of DS4 will save a scene with MakeHuman in it!!
    and oddly C8.5 will export dae to Blender with rigging but not Daz figures, other rigged figures work inc ones I rig myself!
    I play musical chairs with programs a lot!!

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