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The idea is to have a key that you press once to enter a pose mode. This toggle then just disables right click menus and the likes when youre clicking on the figure inside the viewport. Instead you will be able to mouseover a bodypart and then rotate just that bodypart while holding a key that represents one of the 3 rotational axis for that bodypart. So for example you mouseover the left thigh, then drag the mouse left or right while holding left mouse, it will bend. You do the same while holding the right mousebutton it will twist, or you do the same while holding the middle mouse button and it will do a side to side movement.

Something like this would add such better finetuning control to the posing in DAZ Studio! Using the pose tool and drag things around is okay but its not precise enough in many situations where you just want that arm to just twist a little WITHOUT having to go up to the fiddly posing wheel or way over to the parameters pane.

This by either using a toggle key that you press to enter the mode, then press again to leave. Or by holding that key and when you release the key youre out of the mode... Whatever you think works better :)

If something like this is already possible then I appologize and hope someone can point me to it.


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    Have you tried the rotate tool? When you select a bone, you can click on one of the rings to rotate on that axis.
    Alternatively, you could try the universal manipulator tool. The curves on the arrows act like the rotate tool.

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    Yes I know about those control methods and they are not intuitive nor quick to use.

    The general manipulator tool requires you to grab the right line, which can be quite tricky on many angles especially when the joints are already rotated out of the default position and axis get close to overlapping etc. Plus theres always some very nerve wrecking delay between hovering over the line and it becoming active.

    Same thing for the rotate tool, its a little easier to click but if you want fluid workflow those tools dont cut it. It could be way quicker with instant feedback with the methods I descibed above. There are many alternative control methods for moving and rotating joints in Daz Studio, yet I still havent found something where I really say "this is it! that feels comfortable to use".

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