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April, 2014 Freebie Challenge - Cyberpunk

DollyGirlDollyGirl Posts: 2,068
edited April 2014 in Freebies

Welcome to the April “CyberPunk” freebie challenge. Wikipedia says that this is a subgenre of science fiction in a near-furture setting. Focused on "high tech and low life". For this challenge, you must create a Cyberpunk scene. It can be a portrait of a lovely Cyborg, it can be a street scene, or it can be an image of a new invention for the Cyberpunk world.

The rules are posted here:
The morphs++ packages for the base figures will be no counts this month. So if you are using Genesis then the Head and Body evolution morph packs can be listed as no counts. The same is true for the morph++ packs for the gen 4 figures or the morph pack for Dawn.

As BWSman says, "Please read them good....."


The prizes are from DAZ3D & Jaderail:
1st Place - $15 GC from DAZ3D and $20 GC from Jaderail and $5 GC from fictionalromance
2nd Place - $12 GC from DAZ3D and $15 GC from Jaderail and $5 GC from fictionalromance
3rd Place $8 GC from DAZ3D and $10 GC from Jaderail and $5 GC from fictionalromance
HMs - $5 GCs from yours truly: DollyGirl and Jaderail

Anyone wanting to donate prizes we will accept them most gladly. Just tell me who you want to give them too.


A note to our winners for 1st through 3rd place you must PM Music2u4u with your DAZ account e-mail address so that DAZ can credit your account. Please PM fictionalromance as well. All winners must you must PM Jaderail that you have won and what place you are in and The HMs do not have to PM me cause I will know who you are.

My judges:

Any other takers?


Items used in the banner, in case you need some things to use.

Paid for:

Easy Environments Eternal Sands by Flipmode.

Custom Lens Flares Pack – 50 Free High Resolution Transparent Images by shemul.
Salashin Environments by Salashin.
Toon Cigar by Avros.
Augmented Warrior for Genesis 1 Updated 2.01 by SuperBoom Turbo.
City by mostdigitalcreations.

480 x 80 - 26K
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