Horse show jumping or paddock with jumps set up?

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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of a scene or props that I can use to set up either a show jumping arena, or a paddock with rough jumps? I can't seem to find anything like that?



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    May this help you or not I done over thirteen years of photography people and horses I done some horse show jumping it mostly the same in all the shows that have jumping as part of show the commonly used prop in horse show jumping is rail fence, the second common jump is a fake brick wall prop. The upper class shows they have water in trench in front of many of jumps. The back ground it can be any thing in east coast shows is ply wood barrier. Out west at one county fair ground I used near by mountains to frame my photoes. One more thing rodeos out west the each town keep their grounds in differant condections( form very good to run down) I been to over twenty rodeoes In gerneral the horse shows refled the local view of things of the commuity that is horse show is at. Upper class have fancy set up for the jumps middle class horse shows have moveable jumps to be st up in ring when needed

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    Hi Greg, thanks but I was hoping to avoid spending the time putting it all together from bits and pieces myself - I'm looking for a show jumping set up in 3D that I can just add my background and characters too at this point. Also it's for an English scene, so no rodeo-out-west stuff would do, sadly! LOL!

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    This isn't what you are looking for, but you might find some usefull items here. There are Trotting poles and cavaletto & Overreach boot smart prop -

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    Thanks Shawn, the poles and cavaletto etc are a great help - and the other stuff up there is great too! Pity it seems she's not doing more of it any longer.

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