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Help with Michael 4 Morphs?
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Hi, I’m new to Daz and to 3D modeling software in general. I’ve gotten the hang of the basics, but I’m having an issue with M4. See, I bought and downloaded Micheal 4 Base and the install went fine, but I can’t seem to use any morphs on him, when I select the the model in the scene list, the “Actor” option in the Parameters tab doesn’t show up and I don’t get any option in the “shaping” pane. It works fine with the Genesis 2 Model so IDK what’s going on. Do I need the Pro Suite or the Morphs++  for them to work properly on M4, what’s going on?

Thanks to anyone who can help em solve this problem.

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You’ll need to purchase the Michael 4 Morphs++ pack and install them to the same folder as M4.

Once their installed, load the figure in your program, then in your Library go to Pose > Daz’s Michael 4 > Morph Injections folder and double click INJ Morphs++.  This will load the Morphs into the figure.

The sliders for the Morphs will be listed under Morphs | Shapes on the Parameters Tab, and will be listed on the Shaping Tab.