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Hi! how to add fonts in C8 pro? Y have add font in windows-fonts, and, in rhino for example , the new fonts are here... but not in carrara!...
oh, and also is it a way to subdivide the fonts, in carrara... the letters seems not very well defined!.. thank you for help!


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    Carrara uses any TrueType font already installed in Windows, either for the Text Object or in the interface. If you install a font while Carrara is open you may need to restart it.

    If you want to change the interface font you can do from 'Preferences...' in the file menu. You need the 'Interface Settings section. Be careful that you don't pick an unreadable font and then get lost in the interface.

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    prob depends on the kind of font, I do not know much but I know there are two types and one works and one does not.
    I have Gentium for example that is open source works, reason I use it is converting to vertex model and using it in a model I need not fear copyright laws.
    some of my other fonts do not work in all programs inc Carrara.

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    Where are some good places to review and obtain good free fonts?

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    Google is your friend…
    Here is for example:
    I have hundreds of them on my PC and some in the form of symbols, footsteps, animals, trees... which can be converted into object.
    I did not know that Carrara did not accept all the fonts …
    Attention, more you have fonts on your PC, more it takes time to start!

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    Thanks! I did indeed do some Googling, but didn't know what sites were more or less trustworthy, and wanted to get a few recommendations from you guys before I got carried away.
    I am actually going to be using them in Gimp. By default I have a zillion fonts that almost all look exactly the same, so I intend to find just a small additional number with a nice variety for when I want to do Xmas cards, or renders with signs or lettering in various themes (steampunk-y, gothic, elaborate fancy historical fonts, futuristic sci-fi, etc.) Hopefully it won't have a huge effect on startup times of anything.
    I tried copying a few from my other PC that had a few extra just to test the theory, and discovered that Gimp seems to ignore some of them for some reason as well. I thought some of the non-english fonts would have looked cool in some renders too, but don't yet know how to type in them to use them. :-)

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    I use Dafont it's similar to the one above in layout and the creators are probably uploading to a lot of sites that are like this.

    Most are totally free, some "ask" for donation, some require, but MOST are free. Fast way in Windows to get them into your font folder is to create a shortcut to your fonts file on desktop. Download the zip file of the desired font, open it and once open, drag the font , eg ttf file, directly into the shortcut and it will do the install routine. Saves a lot of steps. Once saved, I do move the zips to my external drive in case I get a new machine or want to share with another machine and don't have to go hunting. Remember the name of it as it may not show in your list alphabetically the way you'd think it should except as the way the name of the ttf file is given. EG Snowflakes may acutally be JS Snowflakes, so it will fall in the J section of your font list, at least that's what it does in Adobe products.

    Been using them for years now especially for my magazine cover production and their site just keeps growing. Plus you can search by category, like Goth, etc and you don't have to download all of them or subscribe. There's a box at the top of the page once you open a style to browse where you can type in your text, then the text is displayed in each font type in the list. Most of the time.... once in a while it doesn't work but saves a lot of aggro to see if your text is gong to have the effect you want.

    I often open them in Illustrator and convert to outlines so I can further customise them...add snowflakes, etc. There's a lot of Christmas fonts, but if you get some of the Christmasy dingbats, you can pimp the font with them without having to create more art.

    xx :) Silene

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    Thanks! I did indeed do some Googling, but didn't know what sites were more or less trustworthy, and wanted to get a few recommendations from you guys before I got carried away.

    Do be careful when loading up fonts for this very reason.

    Also, having thousands of fonts will slow down your machine, especially when using programs like Office.

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